Saturday June 4




Yard 1 Yard 2 Hangar 1 Hangar 2 Pyro Stage Studio 18
3PM Alex Pinto
3:20PM Colorworks Dirty Dirty
3:40PM Dreamcatchr Trama Del Rey
4PM Quid Quo
4:20PM Selector Dub Narcotic (aka Calvin Johnson) Brooklyn Pool
4:40PM Black Plastic Clouds Mike Helland
5PM Cloud Person
5:20PM Moon Darling Crazy Eyes
5:40PM & Yet Black Nite Crash
6PM Tinfoil and Tape
6:20PM Sleeping Lessons Darto
6:40PM Jusmoni Civil Dawn
7PM Wild Powwers
7:20PM Trick Candles GEMS
7:40PM Psychomagic Deer Park
8PM Kblanq pyro
8:20PM NRVS LVRS Spirit Award
8:40PM Eastern Souvenirs somesurprises
9PM Acid Tongue pyro
9:20PM Dentaru No Tsuba Invisible Hand
9:40PM Zoolab WFFLS & BA the Scribe
10PM Roy Rodgers pyro
10:20PM Fabulous Downy Brothers Jo Passed
10:40PM Great Grandpa Altona
11PM Maiah Manser pyro
11:20PM The Silhouette Era Great Spiders
11:40PM Pillar Point Dog Mountain
12AM DoNormaal pyro
12:20AM Heatwarmer Chung Antique
12:40AM The Spider Ferns The City Hall
1:20AM Tokyoidaho Bullets or Balloons
1:40AM Zen Mother bod
2AM pyro